Toufic Laba Sarkis, a Community leader and public speaker who shares his convictions and beliefs …

that there is great benefit for those who work tirelessly for the benefit of human beings and humanity.

Toufic Laba Sarkis believes in implementing values and motivation believing in the importance of the quality of our relationships and connectedness with others regardless of religion or race.

Australia is a multicultural community that brings people together of different cultures and nationalities. Toufic Laba Sarkis believes that it helps to broaden awareness of cultural diversity and promote integration.

It has been a dream for Toufic Laba Sarkis to experience life in another country and a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, discover, experiment, invent and create a life full of invaluable experiences.

Toufic Laba Sarkis knows how hard to live in a new country, not knowing anyone and adjusting to a different lifestyle and mentality, learning a new language and learning to see things in different ways.

To this end Toufic Laba Sarkis developed a program for adults and children to learn practical english.

And allowing the meeting of people from different cultures and helping them to settle in a new country.

Toufic Laba Sarkis has been part of many social events and educational events to help migrants successfully settle in Australia.