by far the most important people in the life Toufic Laba Sarkis are my family, my wife Maureen and five children

Toufic Laba Sarkis on family values

Spending time with Toufic, you understand more and more the values he places on his Family.

Distilling the qualities that are most important such as integrity, hard work and kindness.

Toufic Laba Sarkis defines what he believes is right and what is wrong. Toufic’s family’s moral definitions have shaped, what he considers the family values for public conduct, work ethic, and social views.

Toufic Laba Sarkis and his beautiful wife Maureen have raised their family to embrace specific social values

These social values include respect and courtesy for others and themselves, to carry out volunteer work, to display kindness to others, to be prepared to learn and value education, to keep a good attitude for others and for self and to achieve goals of value.