I am often touched by the attributes bestowed upon me by others, especially my family.

Toufic Laba Sarkis

Happy Fathers’ Day! DAD,
This day is all about taking time to celebrate the man of the house, YOU. A teacher, a guider, a man of integrity and best of all a father to us. Thank you for laying down a solid groundwork of life lessons and values for all of us to stand and build ourselves upon.

Also, another favorite aspect of yours is your humour; you make us laugh, even in the difficult of times. In life, you have taught us to be strong and rise above adversity and laugh at the enemy instead of allowing ourselves to get defeated by negativity.

P.S from child #5 A lot of my creativity springs from philosophical ideas which to no surprise I believe has been passed on down from you. Throughout uni there were plenty of times where I’d be working on an assignment and it just clicked that much of my thinking or project ideas comes from the same place as yours, wanting to impact others on a humanitarian level. I am grateful I inherited these qualities from you.

Thank you for being a great father who is there for his family, we are very blessed to have you.

Love from: Lisa, Angie, Anthony, Patrick and Pierre.